View Full Version : Sunday Night Xbox Race Results

14th Mar 2005, 22:59
Please post results for sunday night races in this thread from now on. Only the results (as recorded by the host) are to be placed here. Comments can go in a separate thread as needed.

21st Mar 2005, 04:44
Had a good turn out for both events tonight. Everything went rather smoothly, with the game not doing anything quirky like it so often does. Here are the results.

We had a couple of new guys to the series and boy did they throw a wrench in the action....especially for me. Guys, we drive on the RIGHT side of the road in America...lol.

2. FTR jdskater> 133 (we missed you on the race series)
2. TheDeadJester> 133
4. E Nice Geo> 119
5. the assasin88> 110
6. MastAbeam> 102 (nice series)
7. Mirage24062> 97
8. SDon1969> 91 (bad night for the Intimidator)
9. JohnnyMac> 87
10. TopGameTN> 86 (I hit TopGame almost as much as I hit Gandor)
10. Jaybone919> 86
12. Jacobs40k> 85
13. Gandor> 73 (right side of the road, dude...lol)
14. Khelgar> 44
15. Nathan77> 38 (really tough series for you tonight)
16. Amorden> 37 (another wanna be British driver)

The race series was rather tight, with 7 guys in triple digits. Nice 2nd place finish for the assasin88.

2. the assasin88> 134 (nice run)
3. SDon1969> 129 (the handicapped matches are holding Don back like a chain on a rabid pitbull)
4. Jacobs40k> 121 (just out of the money)
5. TopGameTN> 119
6. TheDeadJester> 118 (nice place, considering you missed the first race)
7. DJ UNO> 107 (this show starts at 8PM CST, so pull your head outta your butt, UNO...lol)
8. Mirage24062> 99 (just 2 points off from your kamikaze total)
9. Jaybone919> 93
10. JohnnyMac> 86 (thanks for brining the new guys, despite their driving habits)
11. E Nice Geo> 79 (rough series after a nice kamikaze showing)
12. Amorden> 63
13. PLPNOTPP> 52
14. Khelgar> 41 (wasn't khelgar an enemy of Godzilla in one of those movies?
15. ZonatedGRIMM> 30 (new to me)
16. Gandor> 29 (another creature from a Godzilla movie)

That's another double-trouble event in the books. Be sure to catch SDon1969 on Wed. 8PM CST for some straight racing action. Nathan77 will also be hosting a 10 lap kamikaze series on Thurs. 8PM CST.