View Full Version : Thursday Night Xbox Kamikaze Race Results

14th Mar 2005, 22:57
Please post results for Thursday night races in this thread from now on. Only the results (as recorded by the host) are to be placed here. Comments can go in a separate thread as needed.

18th Mar 2005, 03:42
Thanks for setting these permanent Threads up. Good idea, less clutter.

Tonight was 5 kamakazis in Compacts only and 5 kamakazis in Sports only.

1st SDon1969 131pts
2nd Mirage24062 130pts
3rd milecoupe 125pts
4th Nathan77 116pts
5th GraySnow Tiger 114pts
6th TheDeadJester 109pts
7th E Nice Geo 106pts
8th FTR jdskater 105pts
9th TopGameTN 90pts
10th Verdilith 82pts
11th Camalus 69pts
12th PLPNOTPP 66pts
13th Spidermike 65pts
14th Mast Abeam 55pts
15th PETRO FOR 3 15pts
16th MaggotteD 8pts
17th OutSUGAR BEAR 7pts
18th webpagebooker 6pts
18th US45 JRAD 6pts

25th Mar 2005, 23:43
Not perfectly accurate because my recording device failed. Those who were not in the 6th race room are not on here, sorry.
Good fun with 10 laps of Kamikaze death.

FTR jdskater - 92
SDon1969 - 82
TheDeadJester - 71
E Nice Geo - 67
US45 JRAD - 55
Mirage24062 - 53
Nubba - 52
Nathan77 - 52
JohnnyMac - 49
milecoupe - 45
GraySnow Tiger - 39
Verdilith - 31
Camalus - 20