View Full Version : ahh red!

14th Mar 2005, 16:36
wats is up with all the red games! my ethernet cable is directly hook up to me adapterno firwall or routers! i think! can anyone help me!

14th Mar 2005, 20:46
I am in the same boat as you leader. ethernet cable straight from the ps2 to my broadband modem. I use no router, and have no PC running at the same time. I get 3-4 green rooms, 1 of which I MIGHT be able to get into.

In addition to that, in hunter games there are times when there is someone in the game as the hunter that I cannot see. The token will be in play, but nobody is listed as the hunter. I see other players going after a hunter that I can't see. Very odd, like there are some people in the same game as me, that I can't see.

I would like to see less red rooms in the future, any help here Eidos?

15th Mar 2005, 13:37
ya y is it that sometimes i can't join green games! and last night i was playing and it said the game was a ctf but it turned out to be a qdem and then i thought i must have joined the wrong game so i leave the game and turn on the voice option and there was a tdm that i wanted to join so i joined it and it was a deathmatch! wtf has anyone else had this problem!

29th Mar 2005, 21:41
I haven't seen that, but I sure would like some help getting rid of all these red rooms. I am sick of having MAYBE 1 game to join.

Any help here Eidos?