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12th Mar 2005, 00:17
Hi Guys,
Here is yet another announcement (and here is a link (http://stats.projectsnowblind.com/news/honorguard.html) to the site where winner's names will be posted):

Project: Snowblind. Xbox Open Deathmatch Tournament
1605hrs 11 Mar 05

We are proud to announce the start of our official Project: Snowblind Open Deathmatch Tournament, starting 17 Mar 05. For the next six weeks, we will be hosting Friday night deathmatch tournaments open to all Xbox players! Your host will be 'eidosonline rep' also known as Mike Gonos, US online community representative for Eidos. Anyone interested in playing in the tournament, join Mike's game, 'eidosonline rep' when you see him go online Thursday nights at 5:30PM PST (8:30 EST). Winners will find their names in lights, posted on the official Project: Snowblind website's HONOR GUARD (and can win a small gift from Eidos as well). Please give the game format and rules (below) a quick look. So, start practicing, and we'll see you online!

Next Tournament:
17 March 05, 5:30 PM PST. All classes, Arms race on, Maps: Wanchai Sewers, Ashoka's Garden, Two Martinis.

For further information, please email community@eidos.com.

Tournament Format:

Game start time is 5:30 PM PST (8:30PM EST), Thursday Nights.*
The tournaments are open to all users on a first come; first served basis.
The game mode is Deathmatch, with options for Arms Race and Loadout varying on a weekly basis. Rounds are to be set to a score limit of 20 is reached.*
The maximum number of players is eleven (not counting the host).
There will be an additional 'warm-up' round at the start of the tournament, and it's score does not count toward the tournament's outcome.
The host for all tournaments is 'eidosonline rep' and the name for the tournament room will always be 'eidos tourney'. If you do not see 'eidosonline rep' in the match, you are in the wrong room!
Each tournament will consist of 9 rounds (plus the warm-up). Map rotation will vary on a tournament to tournament basis.
* Subject To Change

Official Rules

Players are awarded one point per round they win. The player with the most points at the end of nine rounds wins. In the case of a tie for the lead, the player with the highest score in the final round is the winner. If the leaders have the same score in the final round, the player with the most kills in the final round is the winner. If the leaders are still tied, then an additional tie-breaker round will be played, and the higher scoring of the leaders in that round will be the tournament winner.
If a player is dropped from the game due to a network outage or other unforeseen occurrence, they may be replaced by another player. However, the dropped player's previous score (number of rounds won by that player) still stands. However, the score of a user within the round in which they were dropped is lost.
The tournament host will not participate in the combat, except during the warm-up round, but will remain in the game throughout the tournament.
A player who wins a tournament will have his/her name published on the official Project Snowblind Site, as well as in the official tournament results thread on the Eidos forum, and is also eligible to receive a prize (exception: a player who wins twice in row; see below). This prize is an official Project: Snowblind sticker.
Players must claim their prize via email to community@eidos.com with verification of their user name, the email address associated with that user profile, the player's full name and date of birth, and a shipping address, within 3 days of the tournament taking place or another user will be selected as the winner of that tournament.
A player must have configured their Project: Snowblind Xbox Live account to allow contact information sharing with Microsoft partners to be eligible for a prize.
No player may win a prize twice in a row. If a player wins a tournament, that player is ineligible to win a prize in the next tournament, though they are allowed to take part in the tournament and they will be recognized as the winner on the website.
By the act of claiming a prize, the player gives Eidos, Inc the right to contact that user, and to verify that user's game profile and account information.
Any violation of the terms of our online agreement by a player will disqualify them from the tournament. The copy of this agreement is located here: www.eidos.com/online/
Players under the age of thirteen years or employees of Eidos, Inc, any of its subsidiaries, or members of their families, are ineligible for prizes.

18th Mar 2005, 01:33
There is a slight change in plan: the tournament room will be called 'eidosonline rep'. Sorry about the mistake. If anyone has been caught out by the change, not to worry, because we will run a another 'make-up' tourney early next week, in addition to regular tourney. Once again, sorry about the mix up.

18th Mar 2005, 02:17
for some reason not a lot of people joined up tonight. maybe there is a way to send a message of this match through online players or something. anyhow, i think i scared off anyone who entered with my shotty skillz, lol. i don't even know if the ones entering knew it was for a contest. :confused:

18th Mar 2005, 17:11
Serves me right for opening a tournament on St. Paddies Day! We will have a make up round next week. Look for a mailer on that in the next day or so. In the meantime, congrats on shooting the **** out of everyone last night. There will be a more official announcement about that presently, and look for your name in the Honor Guard, as well as your mail for a small souviner from Eidos. Well Done.

18th Mar 2005, 17:30
Serves me right for opening a tournament on St. Paddies Day!

yeah, i guess everyone was too busy doing beer runs, heh! i was still able to go to the club after since i don't get out till 11. i need to message some of the people on my friends list about this to get more people in this. or maybe ill start talking smack all over the other boards when im here at work. heh!