View Full Version : Release date pushed back, AGAIN!!!!

11th Mar 2005, 15:19
Looks like we won't be seing 25TL until July at the earliest according to this article. Excellent job Eidos, way to keep up the work (sarcasm). In the future, you should set the release date really far in the future, so when you finish and it comes out early, people are excited. But instead you set a date and then keep pushing it back. Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you just push it back so that it comes out around the same time as Socom 3? That way your sales would be next to nothing on a potentially good game. Anyway, here is the link:


Michael Bolton
13th Mar 2005, 03:38
This sucks if its for sure

Shugart BHD
13th Mar 2005, 07:13
Let's hope this doesn't get Halo2 ridiculous with the date delays, first March, then May, now July? Soon it'll be holiday...and many will be very angry...

13th Mar 2005, 09:51
man this sucks. after this i bet it will suck just look at all the last games that got held back they suck. superman for nintendo 64 sucked, gt4 for ps2 (sucked due to no online) and so on. i dont rely even care if this game comes out anymore. yes i am gonna buy it when it comes out but im gonna get it when its used for $5.99. if these people dont even know the correct date its coming out. they most probably are not gonna be successful on this game. and then i herd u can re-spon in this game? thats just plain stupid! :mad:

26th Mar 2005, 05:38
Well if u want the game to be pefect and every thing u said , they gonna have to add **** that may take awhile, jeezz..... Socom 3 RUles!#

Michael Bolton
29th Mar 2005, 20:10
The official release date is now aug 1st

im pissed im probley not gonna buy it now but ill rent it and see how it is atleast

Michael Bolton
30th Mar 2005, 18:06
Neh, its probley just because eidos just sold the company and they lost alot of money so they couldnt put it out.