View Full Version : Sunday night double-trouble info. (3/13)

11th Mar 2005, 04:34
I am going to continue to run back to back events every Sunday, featuring both race & kamikaze. Here is the info for each series. Be sure to read below about the racing series, which has a very interesting twist this week.

10 races
Winner selects next course & variation.
Trucks & Muscle only.

10 races.
Here is where it gets interesting.....

We had a handicap match last week, but this week it goes a step further. This series will be only trucks and sports. However, after the first race, the top 5 finishers will be "handicapped" and forced to use a truck. This will continue for all 10 events. After each race the top 5 in overall points have to use a truck. Fall out of the top 5, then you can switch back to a sports car. Before every race the top 5 current points leaders must run a truck. Here are the courses/variations for the race series.

1. San Diego 2
2. Bronx X2
3. Frisco X1
4. Grand Canyon X1
5. Vegas X2
6. Miami X1 R
7. L.A 2 R
8. Detroit X2 R
9. Redwood 1 R
10. San Diego X1 R

See ya Sunday at 8PM CST