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TIG Marshal Dury
10th Mar 2005, 08:07
Hi all,

Im Marshal J.M Dury Of the French Imperial Guard, (TIG) a clan who is active in Napoleonic warfare thanks to the game Total war. Our intrest in this game is growing and were happy to finally have a proper Napoleonic game on the way. Aldo it seems that many of u have critics and thats good thats the way we can learn for the future.

My Opinion is; to give it a go and to judge the game after playing it.

Wat I wander if some of u can tell me the units size in the game, and the sizes of the battlefield?

As far i can tell now it looks rather small, but ehh i could be wrong.

Thanx and see u on the battlefield!!!!
VVVIve Lémpreur !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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have fun

10th Mar 2005, 08:44
Spelling... :eek:

Ahem, I have actually been wondering about the same, wheter the armies will be 500.000 men strong or 500 men strong.
From the evidence, such as a SS with 3 units of 60 each, it surely does look as if your armies are, in size, more like those in M:TW.

One thing I still havent seen an answer to is as to wheter you could build several units at the same time. It would be needed.. as in getting 12 muskets, 3 ships and 8 cavallery at the same time in one province, rather than having this que taking 20+ turns to build out.

10th Mar 2005, 16:15
Hello Dury! Another NTW/lordz forum member makes it across!

To answer your question, it looks as though unit sizes will be variable. Screen shots show units at 40 and 60 men a piece, but whether we will be able to have them bigger than this is still up in the air.

As far as the size of battlefields go, its hard to say, but check out some of the newest screenshots, that should give you some idea.

Oh and btw, Dury isn't a native English speaker, so please give him a break on the spelling.


Lord Zimoa of Flanders
12th Mar 2005, 13:53
Hi Dury, let us hope we can have bigger units for high end machines as an option.

LZoF ;)

Spaghetti Hoops
23rd Mar 2005, 09:25
I couldnt agree more.I mean Boradino or Waterloo fought with 2000 men a side? Nah,give us big juicy unit sizes! :D

Mr. C.
23rd Mar 2005, 11:47
Part of me says that it would be really cool but can you imagine trying to issue orders all over a battlefield containing tens of thousands of men?! :eek: You definitely would need a pause button, and battles would take forever! Also, if you had that many men you would probably lose detail in the soldiers uniforms, etc. because they would have to be shrunk in order to get them all on the battlefield screen. I really like how the screens look for IG right now. :cool: I'd rather have a visually appealing battle then a completely realistic one that would end up taking three actual days to complete because you have so many units to battle with.

28th Mar 2005, 12:44
In cossacks2 you can have up to 64000 units, and the play looks pretty managable, but it is a slightly different style of game. You can't get up so close to the action. There is an incredable interface though, with the ability to fire one rank at a time!!

28th Mar 2005, 15:24
Have you actually seen just how ugly Cossacks looks? Graphics aren't everything but when you're still working with an outdated color palette..

28th Mar 2005, 17:31
From what I've seen from the screenshots (example: this screen of a French formation (http://image.com.com/gamespot/images/2004/screen_e3/920587_20040504_screen001.jpg) ), it seems like the smallest possible formation is of approximately platoon size. They are probably intended to model companies, however, since to work with individual platoons on a scale even remotely like that of Austerlitz (or, even worse, Leipzig), is ridiculous.

In that screenshot, there are eight formations (companies/platoons) of 40 men each, making a total of 320 men. Now, that is at most an medium-sized battalion. Compare with the French order of battle for Austerlitz, in which five Corps, each of about 2-3 Brigades comprising between 2 and 6 battalions were supported by a Grenadier reserve and the Imperial Guard which together comprised about 18 battalions. It seems like it will be pretty much impossible to achieve realistic battlefield scale.

Furthermore, from what I've seen of the gameplay footage, it seems like the army in that screenshot is of relatively large, at least respectable, size. Seems pretty unlikely that an army of, say, 70,000 will be precisely represented. The cavalry, however, is pretty well divided into squadrons of 24 men each (now how many of these we will get to control is another matter).

Still, I'm perfectly willing to accept some representative mass. Battles will still be fun with 500 or so men to a side. As long as they don't die as easily as they would were there 140 times as many, it'll be fine.

28th Mar 2005, 20:32
Have you actually seen just how ugly Cossacks looks? Graphics aren't everything but when you're still working with an outdated color palette..

lol and a 64000 unit limit... i wonder which is in all better designe and more cpu/ram usage? lol cossacks II