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9th Mar 2005, 18:56
I was wondering how the online part of the game was going to work.
It seems like RTW, a pointless battle with 2 sides killing each other for no reason.

I know that quite alot of people wanted to see a multiplayer campaign for the TW series with no result.

I think adding such a multiplayer debth, as a Multiplayer Campaign where 5 players could play as the 5 Nations currently in the game, Trading, war and peace and such would make it more fun to play with accualy players rather then with the computer.

Also it would prevent a number of person from downloading the game illegaly from Bit torent and such.

Now I know it would be complicated as what happens when their is a battle to the 2 or 3 persons that arent part of the battle.
Well I dont really know, but why would such a small detail prevent such a great project?

10th Mar 2005, 01:51
I dont know for sure; how-ever i've heard it will be battles only, and only 2v2's. Also the total war battles were hardly pointless. But I do understand what you are asking for....You, how-ever, I think dont under-stand the complexity of a multi campaign (and cost in dollars it would take to make) verses the returns (in dollars) that the developers could expect in return. Only a minority of people buying the game will involve themselves in multi-player, (as with RTW); one can not expect the developers to expend a disproportional amount of resourses on such a small user group.


10th Mar 2005, 18:18
You have a point

When I say TW battles where pointless, (RTW) since I have not playd MTW or STW. I mean when you fight online on RTW you dont have the satisfaction of building your own troops, you just picked them fight and the battle is over, no political background, no reason, just some random fight for the fun of it. Unless of caurse if you played a scenario as River Trebia for Exemple, but still..

Online campaign for this type of game, I think would be a great inovation for the RTS genre, and inovating games usualy do good $$$.

23rd Mar 2005, 04:11
i agree with falke5 depth in the multiplayer game would be wonderful. the multiplayer campaign has been discussed before and if memory serves i don't think anyone disagreed with the idea. It was pretty much agreed upon that a multiplayer campaign would greatly improve the replayability of the game and make the mp experience more fun in general. for those that don't think it's a good idea, they may be right for the first two months or so when everyone is trying to beat the game and get good at it. But once that's finished i think we are going to see a growing multiplayer community(though i think the mp campaign will mostly be played on an LAN but i could be wrong), and that is when depth in the mp is going to be very important. in my opinion the cost in money would be justified becuase replayability is one of the things i look into when buying a game (i mean who wants a game they can beat in 4 hours and by that time your sick of it anyway). This would also help build the fan base up for future installments of the series.

25th Mar 2005, 23:58
Sure it would be great,...but you have to make it work...that is why its not been take seriously.