View Full Version : New Tears of the Dragon Trailer

8th Mar 2005, 00:15
www.tearsofthedragon.org has a new trailer available for download. Check out the update list at the right. They also have new photos posted. Here some screens I took from the trailer...

http://img185.exs.cx/img185/4771/tearscap13dq.jpg http://img185.exs.cx/img185/7185/tearscap25lc.jpg

http://img185.exs.cx/img185/2220/tearscap36fw.jpg http://img185.exs.cx/img185/2036/tearscap45ey.jpg


8th Mar 2005, 00:53
she looks familiar but I'm having trouble placing the face. what has she done previously in film or TV?

8th Mar 2005, 23:31
John check this out...


9th Mar 2005, 02:13
okay, I can truely say Ive never seen her anywhere before but what an interesting interview.
after reading that I see she has some passion for the series. I hope it carries the movie. she's certainly put in the effort.