View Full Version : Anyone played with the new editor yet?

7th Mar 2005, 16:44
Just wondering if anyone has played with it at all and can talk about how it compares to DromEd in difficulty of use, adaptability, learning curve etc. I still aspire someday to build just a baby mission of my own, purely because I'm fascinated by the ability to build a world, but I have somewhat limited time, so it'd be great to know which editor would allow me to fulfil that dream most easily. (I realise that any mission in any editor is going to take a lot of time!)

Thanks heaps.

van_HellSing PL
7th Mar 2005, 18:09
Well, if you ever saw UnrealEd, you will immediately recognize T3ed as a modified version of it. Some functionality is missing, some is added. The scripting system is similar to Dromed, unrealscripts (or whatever they were called, I don't remember :P ) are gone though.

3D Studio 5.1 is needed for creating new static meshes, but there is bound to be some workaround for that in the near future.

Overall, it seems to have big potential. I'm liking it. :)

John D.
8th Mar 2005, 12:50
I'm not sure if I'll build anymore after Deep Trouble Gold is done, but I might crank open the editor out of curiosity. As for future work, I'd like to see what comes out of the Dark Mod efforts-I recently began to replay Doom 3 again and I enjoy it a lot. When I'm done with dromed I may take a look at the radiant editor.

22nd Mar 2005, 08:15
I was just wondering what kind of computer skills it takes to create an FM. Are we talking like PHD in graphic design or can a normal person get the gyst with some studying and practice? I used to write VB and Javascript for web design and a tiny bit of graphics but nothing on the scope of 3d max. I would really like to get into it. I read the tutorials included in the TDS editor pack but I haven't downloaded it and taken a look at it yet. Any tips that a pro could offer someone looking to get into level design?

John D.
22nd Mar 2005, 13:57
I have a 4 year degree in General Studies and put up stock for a living so it doesnt take any large degree of computer skill if you have a good tutorial (like Komag's) for dromed. I'm sure once Komag or someone else comes out with a comprehensive tutorial for TDS, it should be the same thing. :)

1st Apr 2005, 19:12
I tryed to make breakout in unreal 2 and it worked in part, tryed making it in the thief 3 editor, and it bombed when trying to test it, got 0 frames per second. Looks like the thief 3 editor is a carve out only editor. And not start out with big empty world, add solids to it then carve them out.

It also looks like limits were added to it so that you can only build x-box size levels. :(

John D.
1st Apr 2005, 19:18
It also looks like limits were added to it so that you can only build x-box size levels.Sounds like the Dark Mod would be the way to go, Doom 3 levels are quite large in comparison to TDS stuff.

9th Apr 2005, 18:11
I am capable and primed to start mission editing, but I have found many excuses not to to it. First, a couple of years ago I decided not to try learning Dromed because of the long learning curve and the possibility that Dromed might fall out of fashion when the T3 editor came out, just about the time I had mastered Dromed. [I surely hope the use of Dromed does not dwindle anytime soon! I still enjoy T1-T2 FM's more than I enjoy T3 OMs.] Then, T3Ed comes out, and I hear about mission size limitations and difficulties with sound and making models. Now I am waiting patiently for Dark Mod, hoping that it will be the answer. I really like what I see at the Dark Mod web site. So, I will continue to wait and see and occasionally reevalutate the situation, but not indefinitely, I hope. In the meanwhile, I have other things to do, such as test and play the missions.:)

My main reason for posting this is not to describe my pitiful ambivalence :confused: but to encourage the Dark Modders to forge ahead! :D

John D.
9th Apr 2005, 19:01
I downloaded a video to build a room in D3, but it will probably be a while befoe I mess with it, I think T2 levels will still be coming for a while-I've also heard Rob Hicks is back working on DEDX 2 which should have lots of new toys to play with! :D

29th Sep 2005, 12:25
Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but does anyone know if you will need Doom 3 to play the Dark Mod?

1st Oct 2005, 20:38
Yes, that's how it works