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7th Mar 2005, 11:57
I have been reading the Eidos Annual_Result, and its a bit worrying..
While a 4 million sterling loss might sound bad it isnt. Not really, such things happen.

What does worry me tho is the ADDITIONAL activation of intangiable assets, of a NET WORTH of over 25 million. Is there reasion to believe that these are real investments meant to bring income, or is in fact manipulation? It surely sounds like that last.

We saw not too long ago what happened to strategy first, with the consequences of many gamemakers not getting their results, as rather than sending those onward to the developers after deducting a share of the income, the whole amount of money from sales were spent on their own debt.

However afaik (reported by Pelit, finnish gaming magazine), Eidos is for sale. This should be good news, as the rules of corporate investment speaks of only future costs and incomes mattering in decision making over investments, therefore making the IG fairly safe, assuming that the buyer is solid, and the projected sales and costs within bounds.

But if Eidos doesent find a buyer, does that mean it might be huge danger to publish the game, refering here to the strategy first expirience. Sure, contracts can be made to accomodate such fears, like creating a free holding company for incomes, untouchable by either partner. But that might require rewriting of the contract...
However risks protected against are always less expensive than those you are unwarded against, so this goes to PYRO STUDIOS, do insist upon such a rewriting (ofcourse it might be that you guys are smart and already have such a provision ;) ).

Anyway, best of luck!

7th Mar 2005, 16:35
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As long as it's not EA or Microsoft to take over Eidos I'm happy. ;)

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