View Full Version : Already A Cheater Found!!!!

6th Mar 2005, 17:04
Dear edios i would like this problem resolving i was playing today in a server and a player called -GTF-NEVS who is currantly at top of ladder is a CHEATER every 1 left becase of him when you shot him bullits and rockets just went strait through him this was not due to lag cos he was in a mech and same thing was happening and the server had great ping please sort this out as i dont think it is fair on outher ppl i also hav advised outher players from the game to post her aswell the game is great but if it has cheaters already the game is gonna be seriously let down :(

6th Mar 2005, 17:50
Already cheater accusations!

6th Mar 2005, 23:53
Its not an accusation it was for real mate

7th Mar 2005, 00:43
Some corroboration might help...

7th Mar 2005, 14:26
Don't know about the above I have not come up against any cheaters (yet!)

One thing I cannot believe about this game is there is no password or a kick function, even by vote.

This is potentially a cheaters dream game as what would you do if a cheat or someone annoying just kept joining??

As we all know there are annoying people/cheats and purposeful glitchers out there who love to spoil games and with no way to get rid of them it could ruin a very good game.

Just wanted to share if anyone who influences reads these posts and not a moan as I am loving this game!!!



7th Mar 2005, 20:32
I think this is lag more than cheating. I had this happen in a team deathmatch room. Actually it was even against DOA Halo. He was in an ogre and I couldn't shoot him...my rockets went right through him...my crosshair wouldn't even turn red...when he got out i could hit him. The server was really laggy that night so I don't think it was cheating...because if he was he wouldn't have gotten out of the thing...I think it was just the lag.