View Full Version : Sunday night series info. (2/6)

5th Mar 2005, 19:11
This Sunday will be straight racing. The series will consist of 3 different locations and their will be a handicap rule. Any player who wins a race will have to step out of their sports car and drive a muscle for the rest of the series. This might make people hesitate to win the first race...lol. If a person wins a race in a muscle, there will be no further penalty...ie: truck. Here is the list of tracks/locations in order.

1. Vegas x2
2. Vegas x2 R
3. Frisco x1
4. Frisco x1 R
5. Miami x1
6. Miami x1 R
7. Frisco 2
8. Frisco 2 R
9. Miami x2
10 Miami x2 R

See you Sunday night at 8PM CST.