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4th Mar 2005, 18:55
here i am again, i just can become friends with the pagans cause shooting on the cornerstones with those useless moss-arrows doesn't work, can someone tell me exactly how to do this

4th Mar 2005, 19:44
Have you done all the Objectives.
Go to the docks' Pagan stronghold and read the letter left for
You by the Pagan priestess, Dyan.It is on the wall near the camp steps..
Did you read all the books and papers in the Library.
Shoot the moss arrow at the spider looking thing on the corner stone.
To get more faction.
shoot at the Elephant looking tusk's in the Pagan's camp at the dock's and "Audale" your Faction will raise.Through the middle,or at it. ;)
One of each Elemental Arrow each day or more!. Fire.Moss,Water,and Gas,..
Or more of one if you run out or low. :)

Ian Flaer
5th Mar 2005, 12:26
also you could steal that tree in the docks and take it to the pagan home base. just frob that green-lit area in the middle of the big room when you have the tree and it's done. if you search this forum you will find info on where every cornerstone is located. the only reason i can think of that they wouldn't be working is if you are shooting the wrong things. again search this forum, you will find the info, this is one of the most asked questions here.

13th Mar 2005, 14:45
The easiest way is to sneak into their compound and shoot arrows between the 2 tusk looking thing. Use moss or water arrows, do it as many times it take to change their opinion.