View Full Version : 3d editing for AI? Blind ghosts?

John D.
3rd Mar 2005, 22:37
While I'm trying to fix other problems right now, I had an old idea about a custom ai I wanted. I've checked out some various tools that open up the .bin files and change them into a 3ds format. What tools are out there that you can use to alter ai models?

My other question is how do you make phantoms like the ones I multibrushed into Dt2 unable to be affected by flashbombs? I recently discovered I can interrupt their conversations by use of a flashbomb.

Edit: I tried RSoul's suggestion on Flashbombs, but that didnt work (I think because phantoms are in the undead category) but I was able to fix the problem by making a lightbright stim set to 'abort' and 'no max/min'. I still need help with the model though. :)

3rd Mar 2005, 23:12
In mesh.crf there are .e files for the AI.
You can use Eto3ds.exe on them.
Good job LGS left those files in there, because the generation of a bin file is an irreversible process.

You can stop an AI being blinded by flashbombs by Adding DarkGameSys > FlashInvuln and checking the box.

John D.
4th Mar 2005, 01:08
Okay I got free the objects and was able to use the file mentioned, now I've got my hands on animor and it will open the 3ds file.
http://img89.exs.cx/img89/166/diver5lz.jpg (http://www.imageshack.us)
Now what? I cant seem to make anything work right to manipulate the image.
What I'm trying to do is create a female version of the Mechanist diver model, I guess I can do this by narrowing the waist and adjusting the chest-however I'm not sure how to do this-which tools do I need to select?