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3rd Mar 2005, 20:53
Ive just finished reading the book Rifles by Mark Urban. It a book thats easy to read and has indepth info on the rifles methods of tactics and warfare.

I know the rifles companies that were involved in the campaigns of 1800 the 95th,43rd etc wore the green uniforms. other companies that made up the light division wore the redcoats uniform like the infantry fo the line.

Would it be a possibility that we we see some green jackets in the game. There skills in skirmish fighting was revolutionary.

This game has a rifles unit but they are listed as weak in close combat. This is untrue seen as the rilfes companies were involved in 3 forelone hopes (siege) in the Iberia campaigns. They used skirmish tactics in frontal attacks against french trenches too.

I think the game has underestimated there strength and usefullness in the field.

Lets see the green

3rd Mar 2005, 21:50
that looks like a good book, though i havent read it, but i can tell you this, there is another topic about the same issue, i think its called "green jackets" or something

3rd Mar 2005, 22:17


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