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3rd Mar 2005, 18:31
...like years :)

I was browsing my favourites, and came across this site again. It's been a LONG time since I frequented, but I was delighted to see some familiar faces...Goran, Dave J, Marijn, Jewel, Amo - all still active!

Anyway, thought I'd share this wee bit o' news! The wife and I had a child last August - my first son :) Here's some pics.

One day, I'll introduce him to Tomb Raider ;)

At two weeks old...

At 3 months old...

And hello again guys!

3rd Mar 2005, 21:03
hey, I dont know you but welcome back. Nice kid. I have five, young grampa already.

3rd Mar 2005, 23:24
Hi OhMyGodNooo. I don't know you either but welcome back. :)

Your son is such a cutie! You must be very proud.... I'm sure Lara would love to meet him. :)

Sophia Leigh
4th Mar 2005, 03:18
Welcome back (although we haven't "met"). Your son is a cutie. Aren't babies great - my seven month old son cut his 5th tooth yesterday, (hopefully his sixth one will come through this week too so he will stop whinging) we have been lucky though, my son's teeth come through pretty quickly so with each "pair" of teeth, the whinging part is over and done with quickly. :D

4th Mar 2005, 05:10
Congratulation (...mom, dad)!

Welcome (little earthing), have fun, go your way and have success!
Be good to the earth and the earth will be good to you.

5th Mar 2005, 16:23
Hey OhMyGodNooooo, welcome back, nice to see you! ;)

You're son is absolutely beautiful, congratulations!! :D