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2nd Mar 2005, 00:31
Infantry School Issue 001 - 'The Grunt'

Contained are the weapons this class carries and some recommended means for employing them to maximum effect (courtesy of some of our veteran players here at Eidos)


2nd Mar 2005, 00:32
Very cool, thanks!!

2nd Mar 2005, 00:36
Very cool, thanks!!

You are welcome. We'll be going over all the weapons and classes and hopefully into the modes as well. Just to allay any fears, I DID NOT come up with these tactics (I stink at the game I'm afraid.) Our testers, who played it day in and day out for months, did.

75 Cent
2nd Mar 2005, 00:37
nice thxs :cool:

9th Mar 2005, 21:36
could you be so kind as to explain the proximity settings that you claim are present on these mines. I haven't seen It happen yet.

9th Mar 2005, 21:45
Just to clarify- Mines can be set to 'proximity' only in singleplayer.