View Full Version : i have a pic. where do i put,UDP 4659.

1st Mar 2005, 23:58
ok i have a pic of my router settings of firewall. what do i do and where do i put the port number UDP 4659. here is the pic.


2nd Mar 2005, 00:01
if you click on the picture it will make it bigger.

2nd Mar 2005, 00:30
what if your ps2 gets a new ip every time it signs on...can you use dmz for it then?

2nd Mar 2005, 00:58
hey! go post your own thread and dont ask questions on other people's threads, nub!

2nd Mar 2005, 02:13
edit: port 4659 is for PS2, 9103 is for Xbox
theory - this requires some poking around on your network. I'll suggest a few options. These rules should apply to anyone that has your problem.

First - Update your router's FIRMWARE from the manufacturer's website.

Second - Setting your PS2 as a DMZ is the best option, but wheelchairboy's point is very valid. It is complicated, so you will have to do some sleuthing on your network. For your D-Link router, you will click the DMZ button to the left and set the IP address of your PS2.

You can check what IP your PS2 uses by connecting your PS2 online, then clicking viewing the DHCP Client Table on the STATUS tab on your router admin page (sometimes under a "LOCAL NETWORK" or "LAN" submenu).

The other option (If DMZ is not an option) - You should open up port UDP 4659 for your PS2 IP address in both directions. For your router, this is done on the page that you posted.

Theory - you can do this by following these steps on the page you posted:
1) Check "Enabled"
2) Name it "PS2" or something like that
3) Check "Allow"
4) I'm not sure what the "Interface" portion will bring up, you'll have to experiment. It might be ok where it is.
5) For BOTH IP Range Start fields, enter
6) For BOTH IP Range End fields, enter
7) Change Protocol to "UDP"
8) Change the port range field to 4658 and 4659 respectively.
9) Check the "Always" button
10) Save changes - you should be good to go!

2nd Mar 2005, 19:07
i did exactly everything thing you said and left the Interface blank but the servers are still coming up red. :(

2nd Mar 2005, 23:57
I updated my post up top. 4659 is for PS2 actually. 9103 is for Xbox.

You should experiment with the interface field (i don't have your router, so I don't know what that is).

If it comes to it, call D-Link customer support.

3rd Mar 2005, 01:12
when i test do i have to test a set then disconnect, then reconnect to test a different set? or can i stay connected and keep testing

3rd Mar 2005, 01:21
you'll have to reconnect i believe. By the way, did you get the latest firmware? I have a friend that uses the D-Link 604 with no problems

3rd Mar 2005, 01:37
what is firmware. will this download make the router change because i dont want it to mess up because my brother fixed the router so he can go on X Box live. and how do i know if i already have it?

3rd Mar 2005, 02:11
Firmware is technically software that for your hardware. You can tell what version you have most likely on the main page of your router admin page.

Go to http://support.dlink.com/ and select your router model. It will show you what the latest version firmware is, and even where to find it on your router.

In my experience, updating firmware does not affect changes (although that can't be always true). Definitely get your brother to help you out though :D

3rd Mar 2005, 03:06
This is stupid. I have no problems with my other online games exept this one. And Eidos isnt even helping. Looks like i just wasted $50. :mad:

3rd Mar 2005, 04:40
first i am going to try all eight possibilities of the interface.

[wan,lan] [lan,wan] [lan,lan]
[wan,wan] [wan,blank] [blank,wan] [lan,blank] [blank,lan].

then i will try the firmware thing.

3rd Mar 2005, 21:07
omg!! i tried all eight possibilities and it didn't work! then i set up a DMZ for my ps2 and that didn't work either :(

3rd Mar 2005, 21:48
oh yeah and the i have the second latest firware. the latest firmware is just, Fixed Zone Alarm issue, Updated help files with Zone Alarm information, and
Fixed UPnP issue. i dont need to download that because it has nothing to do with this problem.