View Full Version : For the Marketers of Imperial Glory

1st Mar 2005, 15:10
Just a quick request--

Make sure the Eidos website has the updated link to the newest homepage for this game. The one in the UK is more up to date than the one in the US or whatever. I went to register on the regular one and was unable. However, I went to the one on the UK server and was able to register.

Please look into it and also start to put up the quarter that Eidos expects the game to be available. Again, please put out a multiplayer demo before the game. Otherwise, I ain't buying it and will save my money for other games that I can see demonstrated online first. Perhaps, if you don't want to/can't release the game as a MP demo first...please have a forum where we can watch others play the game and destroy each other. That was a key to me buying Battle for Middle Earth. I was able to see others play the game first...went and purchased it...but I still don't play that half as much as I play Medieval Total War and Viking Invasion.

1st Mar 2005, 16:45
Go on and tell them buddy...!!!

1st Mar 2005, 19:04
Thanks a lot Hannibal-Sun! I usually go in the Russian way so I didn't see that. Even though the information is not new to me, it is nice to know that the Devs are still all alive.