View Full Version : What's your fav. Weapon? Campaign or online

28th Feb 2005, 22:57
Glad I picked this game up for the xbox..
Quitre refreshing and well worth it..

Anyway, what weapons do you like using during campaign?
Or online? Which work best?

75 Cent
28th Feb 2005, 23:11
well online i like using carbine cause its like a machine gun

1st Mar 2005, 01:09
shotgun offline....sniper rifle online

1st Mar 2005, 05:40
Shotgun is my choice in either mode.In most cases you get 1 shot 1 kill which does wonders for your health status! :D

13th Mar 2005, 17:48
I prefer the flechette rifle, the shots richochet of off walls and are useful on people who try to run. Online is a blast.

13th Mar 2005, 17:54
yea,i say the flechette rifle and the sniper online, i dont really play single player often bcuz all i do is play online :D

29th Mar 2005, 17:47
Oddly Enough, The H.E.R.F. Gun. I guess the idea of microwaving people just seems...unique. Plus the gun compensates for my rather mediocre aim. :D

29th Mar 2005, 19:04
Offline, the Carbine simply because it can be used for absolutely everything
Online, the Rail Laser, it's awesome, shooting through walls owns :D

29th Mar 2005, 19:18
Offline Carbine. All-purpose murder machine ;)

Online Shotgun. I get more kills with Carbine but the Shotgun looks cool and packs a punch.