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28th Feb 2005, 18:59
Letter to Eidos and Crystal Dynamics regarding issues with Project: Snowblind’s multiplayer on Xbox live

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Project: Snowblind for many months. When I finally got a chance to play it I was in some regards, disappointed. While the single player portions sings, the multi-player component leaves something to be desired. Regrettable, it apparent the online portion was a tacked on after thought. The game would have benefited more form an offline/split screen mode since from a technical standpoint it wasn’t built to handle online very well, detracting for its overall experience.
I know Crystal Dynamics already has my $50 and video games are unfortunately items that cannot be returned for full value, so it probably doesn't matter what I say. I imagine this post will be deleted since I am not signing the praises of this game’s MP component, but I do has legitimate with Project: Snowblinds’s online play on Xbox live. I haven’t been the only one to experience this, check out what some others XBOX Snowblind players experienced at IGN.com. A few have already returned the game even at a loss of at least $15 which isn’t fair.

1. Aiming and tracking an enemy in online multi-player is more difficult than it should be to do jerky character animations, visual clipping. Does Eidos/Crystal Dynamics plan to address these issues? This game’s online multi-player mode had some serious potential but as it is, aiming at characters that look like epileptic monkeys on crack is a frustrating experience. I play others games online and from experience know that aiming need not be a frustrating ordeal. Even though Halo 2 may not be perfect, it is at least a good example of how smooth an online shooter should be. Characters shouldn’t disappear then reappear, they shouldn’t ice-skate across the map, character shouldn’t have their lower body sunken into the bottom of the map, and in 2005 the character models shouldn’t jerky animation reminiscent of games 5 years old. Was the online component even tested? How could any game company in 2005 have been proud of the way this game’s multi-player component functions on a technical level? Perhaps these issues are common on PS2 since people are really digging it but for Xbox it seems dumbed down to the point of being crippled.

2. I’m not sure if Eidos is aware of this but in its current state, the ranking system is pretty useless. People are dropping out last moment if their team is loosing or switching over to the winning team. What is the point of a ranking system if it doesn’t in anyway indicate the player’s level? When you join a game that ends in 3 seconds, if you happened to join on the losing team, it counts as a loss for you, even if you didn’t fire a single shot.

3. The audio looks like it never went to testing. The audio drops out in the middle of games for no reason. You never know who is talking

I will relay these concerns to the customer support number in the game booklet and try to find contact numbers for Eidos and Crystal dynamics. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they address these problems with some kind of patch, if these problems can even be corrected. I just want them to know problems exist, otherwise they’d think there was nothing fix. If you are an Xbox owner and have experienced similar issues please contact me and Eidos/Crystal Dynamics as well.

Best regards,

4th Mar 2005, 23:28
I agree with everything you said..
Multiplayer is pretty weak..

Online, Halo 2 is smooth as ice, as is Ghost recon 2, Mech Assault 2, Crimson Skies etc..

Yeah this game isn't fun online very much..

The single player rocks though..

7th Mar 2005, 00:10
You need the PS2 version then.
Only a little bit of lag on the outdoor street level.
Well done chaps. :)

7th Mar 2005, 05:23
we're not talking about lag...at least not in my case...it's just choppy character animation

7th Mar 2005, 14:23
"we're not talking about lag...at least not in my case...it's just choppy character animation"

Second the above post