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28th Feb 2005, 17:30
I am thinking this might be limited to just my copy, but the manual I got with my XBox copy of SnowBlind (being I'm in Canada) was strictly French. Now I probably don't need the English, however it would have been nice to find a spot on the Eidos site where I can download a copy of the English manual and print it out for myself. I know I can purchase a manual directly from Eidos, but that is a little excessive, specially since they want 7.99 USD to ship it.

I just don't understand why companies don't put their product literarture online. Especially in this day and age where pre-played games are slow often without manuals.

- Nick

28th Feb 2005, 18:39
I got the same thing...french only manual.

I'm in canada (nova scotia) as well. Does Eidos think that every Canadian is bilingual? The only reason we have two national languages is because the province of Quebec is french and we need to accommodate them. The other provinces are almost exclusively english.

And I agree that 7.99 is steep for something that I should have had in the first place. This is the only game I've ever owned that has come with a french only manual. Every other game has either been english or bilingual.

28th Feb 2005, 19:37
I wonder if all of the Canadian distributions got the game like this? Try finding an email address for Edios is absolutely crazy right now too. I haven't been successful in finding a "contact Us" other than using the forums.

28th Feb 2005, 19:49
Go here: http://support.eidosinteractive.com/GI/CustomerSupport/FaqSearch.jsp

Choose project snowblind from the drop down menu and then choose your platform, select "All" as the problem type and try to search for manual. A link will come up with the missing manual information, ignore it and click "all categories" and then a link will appear where you can enter a support request.

That's how I did it...you'd think they'd make it easier for their customers to contact them directly.

1st Mar 2005, 00:07
Hi there, after sending an email to community@eidos.com I received a reply that told me to contact EB Games - where I bought the game. They are aware that all copies of Project Snowblind shipped to Canada without the English manuals. However they stores are receiving the manuals later this week, so I just put my name out for one of them. Wish Eidos would have just put up a notice stating this though instead of trying to figure out their support site.

- Nick

I keep picturing someone at the Canadian border ripping open the boxes and the English manuals yelling Vive le Quebec (sp) :)