View Full Version : Sunday night kamikaze results. (2/27)

28th Feb 2005, 03:45
We didn't fill the room at first, but after a race or two we had a full house. We had a technical issue with the game not adding scores for nearly everybody on race 5, so we had to re-run that race. Sadly, this was the race that JohnnyMac won and his tears of joy quickly turned to tears of sadness as this game screwed him in a way it hadn't done before.

MIX_MASTER put together a string of luck that you seldom see, which gave him a clear series win. SDon put up an impressive 148 points, which will win a 10 race series in most instances. Here are the final standings.

2. SDon 1969> 148
3. FTR jdskater> 135
4. TheDeadJester> 112 (missed first race)
5. BML 41> 110
6. Mirage24062> 104
7. E Nice Geo> 91
7. cyberWRAT> 91
9. Nathan77> 79
10. Postman1313> 72 (welcome to the series)
11. TopGameTN> 69
11. JohnnyMac> 69 (poor Johnny)
13. Talyn1> 49 (late arrival)
14. GothicMcWolf > 40 (This guy is trouble)
15. TYKEA> 33
16. Mudduck66> 11

Thanks for playing and see you next Sunday at 8PM CST. SDon 1969 will be hosting a straight-racing series Wed. (3/2) at 8PM CST.