View Full Version : Strangest Problem I've ever had

27th Feb 2005, 20:27
I can play the game. A little stutter is there, despite having spent $800 on a new motherboard, chip, and video card. The problem is the load up. It won't show the graphics and the sound is like a broken record. Also, I can't get to the options screen at all. At the main screen, it won't completely load, and when I click on the new game/load/options button, I'm playing "guess and hope".

AMD XP3200
512 RAM
Invidia GeForce FX 5500
The mother board is an Invidia N force with onboard sound
Called a legacy sound codec?

It worked fine when I first installed it, but kept crashing. Now the load up is a joke, but it doesn't crash. Of course, I can't even exit without rebooting!


28th Feb 2005, 13:28
What OS are you using?

Have you updated your system with the latest drivers etc?

Do your other games all work fine?

Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling? Your save games will be OK.

28th Feb 2005, 21:43
Everything else is working fine. DF2, BHD, Freelancer, Madden NFL 2004, and Thief:The Metal Age. Other applications show no signs of problems. I'm using XP Professional. I've gone to the home site for the board and updated the drivers as far as I can go. Could my sound card be the problem? Or could this be a processor/compatibility problem?

1st Mar 2005, 13:58
If I had to guess I'd suspect the sound card, what sound settings are you using in the game? Disable EAX and set everything to a minimum. Not much use until you can get the game to load though, did you try re-installing?

Are you playing with an account that has Admin rights? Have you applied SP2 and does the timing coincide with your problems?