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27th Feb 2005, 20:14
it would be easier if eidos made a clan statics area the same way the indivial stats are. If not at least have a spot where we can see how many clans there are.

[JOT$] Fizzo
28th Feb 2005, 05:16
I agree. However, in the meantime we have put up a ladder for this game. We didn't want to wait to see what happens and then find out nothing ever will. So if Eidos does something like this we will politely step back and let them do their thing. for the time being you can go to:


there are currently 3 clans for snowblind listed on the ladder and in the forums.

EDIT: I forgot to mention - This ladder is currently for PS2. If there is interest for us to make a xboc or PC ladder let me know and we will consider it.

13th Mar 2005, 18:06
why is there even clans on that game, You can't even do any clan battles......That is the whole point of online shooters..there should seriously be a set up to do clan battles....That is the only way to prove yourself,, If you want 2 be the best..you have to play against the best... You would need hosting options..in-game , and then it would all be possible :D pleez put that in a patch..This game would be 100% better even though it is already a good game

17th Mar 2005, 12:33
how do you get it so your clan has stats. cause everyone has a question mark in my clan.

24th Mar 2005, 02:56
how do you get it so your clan has stats. cause everyone has a question mark in my clan.

yeah i know the feeling

29th Mar 2005, 01:39
DO plan on making this a clan oriented game, and are you going to fix the fact that you cant kick people outta your server and the problem that you cant see who is talking. It doesnt make sense to let us make clans and then make it so the clans cant play eachother. Can someone please tell me how this made any sense before the game was released? Why make it say clan ranking "-" when there is no ladder? Please answer these questions and also fix this damn red server bs.I didnt pay 50 dollars just to sit there and listen to the damn music play in the backround while i try to connect.
thnx Jeff

6th Apr 2005, 07:54
Whats Up All I Wish This Game Would Able Us To Talk To Our Team On Mic When Even Not In Game Like Lots Of Other Game Without Getting Another Program To Run For That.

6th Apr 2005, 09:12
im in a clan called the brotherhood of the wolf, we are mostly on live playing halo2, Project gotham 2 and counter strike and sometimes ReturnToCastleW