View Full Version : First CSF footage!

27th Feb 2005, 20:00
Thanks to Wenesh a forum member on our site and Spain inhabitant we can bring you the first CSF footage taken from a presentation and shown on a Spanish tv channel.

Wenesh recoreded and putted it up we are merely hosting it and spreading it.

Get it HERE (http://www.tafn.info/TAFN/commandos/scripts/pafiledb/uploads/commandos_sf_wenesh.wmv)

13.5 MB in size all in game footage graphics looking great as do the animations.

27th Feb 2005, 21:27
Muchos thanks!! After seeing this my tongue hangs over the keyboard. :eek:

3rd Mar 2005, 12:29
Awesome!!! Thanks for the input. As far as I could figure out the game must have a free camera, like Jedi Outcast, where you can see your character perform a killing... can't wait...


25th Mar 2005, 13:50
For those who havn't seen yet, we have a second movie added to our database.