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26th Feb 2005, 19:35
Hi there,

I have a frustrating issue with Project Snowblind on Xbox. The surround sound mixing appears to be broken in both single player and multiplayer. The dolby digital 5.1 is rear-speaker centric. ie; all voices, no matter their relation to my character in the world, come from the rear speakers. All of my gunfire and all explosions come from the rear right speaker. Infact, almost all of the sounds in the game come from my rear speakers mainly.

I have my Xbox connected to my receiver with an optical cable and i'm using DD5.1 and this is the only game that gives me this issue. I've specifically tested other games that use surround sound (halo, halo 2, splinter cell 2) as well after experiencing this issue in snowblind and it does not manifest itself in those games.

Now the strange thing is that during the in-game cutscenes the surround sound is mixed beautifully and sounds great. It only happens during actual gameplay, and it's very annoying, and distracting.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a known fix or patch on the way? Any suggestions?


26th Feb 2005, 19:44
I believe the game only supporst ProLogic II and not DD5.1. This could be the reason that the audio mixing does not sound correct.

27th Feb 2005, 04:33
The back of the box says dolby digital.

28th Feb 2005, 20:24
Novanova, at least your not alone -I have exactly the same problem in every way. I've never had this kind of problem with a game before either. Please post here if you find a solution, I will do the same. There's gotta be others with this problem.


28th Feb 2005, 22:16
By the way, I'm using the X2VGA -adapter with optical out. Wich one are you using?


28th Mar 2005, 05:50
I have the same problem. I have not been playing this game recently because it is soo distracting to have to actually try to guess as to where the sounds are actually supposed to be coming from.