View Full Version : which do think is better?

26th Feb 2005, 17:46
Project Snowblind or Killzone??

simply put what do you think? I don't have project snowblind yet but i do have killzone.. Killzone is a great game i think.

I think just from seeing the trailers and pics that snowblind is a cross between dues ex from the powers only, but the weaponry and enemy movement from Doom 2 on pc and half-life also from pc and alil from halo altho halo's enemy's are slow moving acting like there godlike....


27th Feb 2005, 04:55
I absolutely hated Killzone. It was really boring. I like Project Snowblind much better.

27th Feb 2005, 16:55
killzone was a really really crappy game.

27th Feb 2005, 18:57
Please refrain from slamming a game. If you don't like it fair enough but atleast back it up rather than saying it's crap.

27th Feb 2005, 20:28
i have played killzone more than people sleep in a year. it was, and i mean was an above average game. snowblind does have a few flaws but none of them compare to glitch ridden killzone. i say screw killzaone and lets move foward into a better game. as far as slamming the game, here are a couple peoples opinion of the game. hater-aid (http://forums.gamebattles.com/t/265237.html)

27th Feb 2005, 20:38
this game rocks. period

2nd Mar 2005, 21:31
Ive played and beaten killzone. The game has serious issues, and, well... The story sucks :rolleyes:

It really does, Online though, Is different.

Its pretty fun and all, but nothing to get your hopes up...

And yes, I have beat it! It was nothing exciting...

multiplayer with a friend is pretty fun though...


2nd Mar 2005, 23:14
I really liked Killzone's single player campaign mode. Thought it was great, despite it's problems. If they make a sequel I'll probably pick it up, based soley on the single player. As for the online multiplayer, it was alright, but it got boring. The maps tended to be rather small (beach head especially) and boring. Also the maps seemd to be extremely geared towards one team in particular for things like Assault and Defend & Destroy. But, like I said, I enjoyed Killzone.

I like Snowblind A LOT MORE than Killzone. The maps are bigger, the weapons are better (it doesn't take 8 years to throw a grenade), it doesn't have the glitches killzone had either. The multiplayer is DEFINATLEY better than Killzone. Though, my only problem (in comparison) is how it doesn't give the players time to talk inbetween the games, just goes right into the next one. But that's another thread. I also really liked the single player for Snowblind. It was always exciting. There was always someone to shoot or something to do. Never boring. The story wasn't necesarily as in depth as Killzones, but the game was more fun, therefore I liked Snowblind better over all.

13th Mar 2005, 17:44
I Like snowblind more...but killzone is still a good game, but the only bad thing was every1 used rocket launchers and guns like that...u didnt have a chance unless you had one 2 :cool: