View Full Version : Who Am I Talking To???

26th Feb 2005, 09:33
Hi Eidos I Think the game is great besides a couple of issues that I know You can Fix with a Good Ole PS2 Patch. #1 Where are the names of the players who are talking on the mic!? Whats up with that? You want people to Talk, but dont even know who is talking to them, puzzling.#2Sometimes it doesent matter cause you just can't TALK anyway!!For some reason when your playing the game the mics are working one minute and the next there not working I mean ever again in that room!! But I Have Faith in you guys will fix all of the issues online to make this the online HIT it can Be!!Anyway Overall Great game. :( ;) ;) :cool:

1st Mar 2005, 04:35
They didn't put alot of effort on the mic situation. It works one sec. then bam no chat communicate at all.

1st Mar 2005, 18:18
I've yet to have any problems with my mic as far as in game cut outs and whatnot.