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26th Feb 2005, 02:01
Sunday Night Series info. (2/27)
The Sunday series will alternate between race and kamikaze. Last week we had straight-racing, so this week will be kamikaze. 10 race series, as usual, with only trucks and muscle cars on all 8 Redwood Forest tracks, with the final 2 races being on Detroit X1/X1R

Sunday, 8PM CST
Kamikaze 10 race series
Trucks and Muscle cars only

Here is the list of tracks in order.

1. Redwood 1
2. Redwood 1 Reverse
3. Redwood X1
4. Redwood X1 R
5. Redwood 2
6. Redwood 2 R
7. Redwood X2
8. Redwood X2 R
9. Detroit X1
10 Detroit X1 R

Should be a wild series. Se ya Sunday!