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25th Feb 2005, 23:38
Hello all. I've been looking at this game with increasing interest for the past few weeks. I'm a big fan of Praetorians and Commandos, so I stand confident that Pyro can deliver once again. To facilitate that, I'd like to make a suggestion.

For myself, the difference between an enjoyable game and a truly excellent game lies in the details -- careful attention to interface, gameplay mechanics, good menu design, etc. In a historically-based game like Imperial Glory, the incorporation of both direct and obscure tidbits of the past can transform a game from playable to incredible. I have a suggestion as to one of these tidbits. I was wondering whether the game does or will incorporate the difference in tactical deployment schemes between the French Republic and the British Empire. The French military institution standardized their basic infantry formational doctrine in 1772 with the adoption of the ordre mixte, a dynamic infantry group capable of shifting from line to column deployments (the debate between line and column infantry tactics had been raging for several decades now).

The Revolution and the Napoleonic Age generally served to refine the ordre mixte, eventually leading to the development of the basic French infantry unit, the batallion carré. This was a roughly quadrilateral formation generally intended for an infantry unit of corps or battalion size, though increasingly adopted by divisional and even regimental units. While the French thus altered their basic infantry tactics, the British, Prussians, and Austrians generally retained the old-style line formations.

And therein lies the key difference and my suggestion: in battle, a French infantry battalion consisted of approximately 840 men in nine ranks formed in three separated columns: (---- represents a kneeling infantry line, _____ represents a standing infantry line)




The total frontal firepower of such a deployment was 180 muskets (with the front rank kneeling). The standard British formation, meanwhile, was a long 500-man line in two ranks, with the front rank kneeling:


The total frontal firepower of the British scheme was 500 muskets, or the total size of the battalion.

While the British formation had more firepower, it was far easier to break. The French batallion carré was extremely versatile and very resilient. I think that the game should reflect this, with the basic French infantry doctrine being a batallion carré-based one and the basic English infantry doctrine being a line-based one. The French units would be less blisteringly effective but would be greatly more resilient. Such a change would bring hitsorical accuracy and tactical innovation into gameplay.

Just my two cents.


26th Feb 2005, 02:05
I have been on this forum for quite some time and I have never seen anything like this. Good job :)

Though, I don't see it being used from the trailer. The trailer by the way is the only source of in-game reference we have around here.

I would like to see this used in the game. But many players might complain about how overpowered the French are and whatnot.

26th Feb 2005, 07:56
Alas, the French columns worked wonderfully...against everyone but the British Army. I can see where it might be assumed that for gameplay reasons, it might be unbalancing for the French to have a 'tougher' formation, the possibility of giving every nationality an advantage of that ilk could be interested...though I off-hand, only giving the Redcoats a faster reload speed(which was their greatest asset against the column, and the reason their lines faired better than the other nations), strikes me as an easy choice. Any other ideas? Discuss.

None of this is likely going to be in the game, going by the video. But, I can dream.

27th Feb 2005, 10:06
yes considering the fact that they being AI players,
b'cos the player has gets to make his own formation, irrevelant to what the history was , except that the AI should stick to the history......... right????????? :confused:

1st Mar 2005, 12:49
You seem to talk about formations and etc. But at the end of the day, historicaly or actually formations and unit movements where designed with one and only thing in mind. The responce of a human enemy.

There will be no point to have in depth formations in the game if the AI just keeps regarding you as a bunch of troops in a square and charge anyway. Cool formations and bad AI is just no challenge, more of a drawback if you ask me.