View Full Version : Where's Legacy?

25th Feb 2005, 21:52
where are the legacy controls for xbox?

i cancelled my prepurchase of star wars republic commando cos it didn't have them, i saw Snowblind has like 11 control setups, picked it up...no luck, so im taking it back...might be a fantastic game but if i can't control my guy ***** it

i really wonder why more games don't just leave it up to the user for what he/she wants for control setup?

anyway, i hope everyone else enjoys the game, cos i sure didn't.


26th Feb 2005, 06:53
why is there 5 stars in that censor...it was [A bad word *shocker*]

ya know you guys could reply instead of just reading this

26th Feb 2005, 07:11
bad words are not allowed- bannage. Let that be a warning for those attempting to get around the language filter. Our rules are not strict please review them before posting.