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25th Feb 2005, 01:00
Hello Clan-less ones. Those of you looking to join a clan, post here.

Rules: (posts not conforming to the proper format could face deletion!)
1.) One post per player
2.) Place your game platform (PS2, Xbox, PC) at the top of your response
3.) State your game handle

27th Feb 2005, 07:13
Hey lookin for a good clan on the ps2 version. My fav gun is the carbine but u can check my stats on eidos' ladder

1st Mar 2005, 23:50
I play on the PS2, names WHATtheDEUCE. I don't consider myself a great player, but I like to think i'm half decent. I can be pretty handy with the shotgun and a sniper rifle.

3rd Mar 2005, 06:49
:D Hullo clans, I play On PS2 under 00jay, I'm good with a Rail gun and shotgun. I'm a decent player, so please add meh

5th Mar 2005, 04:51
posted in the wrong thread

7th Mar 2005, 20:53
The names Unknown. I kick ass with the carbine,shotgun and sniper. I consider myself a good play but my score is low because i got the damn red room problem. Hopefull a new patch will fix it so i can join more games. I also have a mic.

10th Mar 2005, 17:51
Picked up the game yesterday, and am looking to join a good clan. Those who beta tested my remember me also under this ID, layingblames. I tend to be a shotgunner, but adapt to situations where it's not working as well...

11th Mar 2005, 20:05
platform: Xbox
game handle: electrokidd
last i checked i was ranked 100
i normally use the sniper and rocket the most, then i use the grunt and beserker sometimes.

im looking to join an established clan (10 or more members) that have an overall good attitude. i don't like playing games that exclude player classes like the agent or sniper cuz the clan thinks they are "cheap".

13th Mar 2005, 00:14
i need a clan i have ps2 version

16th Mar 2005, 04:53
Hey, i have the PS2 version. I have a mic, great at teamwork (CTF :D) and am pretty good as a scout. My in-game handle is Mercenary-808 so if your interested you know what to do.

20th Mar 2005, 00:35
I've posted in this thread before and was recruited into a clan that wasn't serious enough for me. I'm currently ranked 39th and I am moving up the ladder. I just love to shred unsuspecting players to pieces. Only serious clans need contact me.

23rd Mar 2005, 16:27
Like Leverone, I was recruited by a clan that wasn't quite as serious as I wanted it to be. I'm back on the market, and looking for a more competitive group that has strong communication with its members. I just crave a little structure. Not too much to ask for?

At any rate, I'm a gal who can kick ass when I'm on. And on off nights? I still end up with plenty more kills than deaths, and can bring a lot to your team.

24th Apr 2005, 13:55
Name's Dwarf pretty deadly with a shotgun or carbine when thats not working & as a last resort,pistol. Just looking for a clan that plays together & has a lot of fun. I play on PC & i have a mic.

27th Oct 2009, 23:47
im pretty good i can KICK ASS with h.e.r.f gun and sniper