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25th Feb 2005, 00:12
I have a BEFW11S4 Linksys wireless-B router and Snowblind on ps2 and have never had a problem with a game before(Just as a side note, I dont use a wireless reciever. Everything is side by side connected with ethernet cords.) That being said, I tried to fix all the stuff up and open UDP 9103 like the manual says but cant figure it out. Knowing that games have worked before i stuck the ethernet cord directly from the modem to the ps2 and WALAA, it worked! But whats the fun in that when you cant have a ps2, xbox, pc, and another ps2 going at the same time? One of you network geniuses help me out and gimme a step by step or what have you. Thanks much ladies and gents!

2nd Mar 2005, 02:23
This is a bit old, but I'll reply anyhow :D

1) upgrade to the latest firmware (Linksys website).
2) The P:SB manual is incorrect, open up port UDP 4569 for the IP of your PS2. If you need help with _that_ you are better off consulting the manual that came with your router :D