View Full Version : PS2 Ladder and clan info

[JOT$] Fizzo
24th Feb 2005, 07:08
We are setting up ladders for Project: Snowblind on our website at:


Any clan interested in participating is welcome. It is an open community so The clans will help determing the rules for the ladder. We also have a section for clans to advertise for new members and for people looking for a clan to join can find one.

If you have any questions or suggestoins feel free to contact myself or [JOT$] killercanadian on the site. He will be the administrator for the ladder.

Just to let you know the ladder is run by a private party that's only interest is to help build the Project: Snowblind gaming community. We are not a commercial organization. Therefore, this is not an advertisement.

Mr Radface
24th Feb 2005, 14:51
Cool man, nice to see Jot$ over here. Always had fun playing against you guys in TAA.