View Full Version : Clearing objects/brushes out

John D.
24th Feb 2005, 02:33
I was thinking of multibrushing some stuff from another authors abandoned mission into my project later on in development, but just to make sure nothing odd happens-is there a command that will clear out every object and roombrush leaving only the basic air/solid brushes that I can multibrush?

24th Feb 2005, 19:34
Just use the Filter button (under where the dimentions are listed) to deselect everthing but Terr and Area.

John D.
25th Feb 2005, 18:55
That's it! Now I can multibrush without fear! :D

John D.
26th Feb 2005, 22:30
Okay I brought in a large new section but now I'm getting a 'ERROR: too many cell->vertex links in pathfinding database!'. I cant remember what this is, have I gone over the limits of the dromed world box? Or just have too many brushes?

26th Feb 2005, 23:52
Once the multibrush is imported, type info_window (don't optimize or anyhting) and check your brush counts against the known limits (there was a thread ages ago about it).

It sounds like a complexity thing. Make sure it's been snapped to an appropriate grid.
Does the original mission (the abandoned one) pathfind okay?

John D.
27th Feb 2005, 00:14
The abandoned one pathfinds ok, I think it's just approaching the terrain brush limits. When that section is put in, it's way over 3000 so I think it's approaching the limit. That's ok, I'll cut back and focus on the base-if I still have any room after the original stuff is restored, I'll put stuff in by small sections to see what I can squeeze in.