View Full Version : Castles/Forts?

24th Feb 2005, 01:14
does anyone know the purpose of these fortifications, do they serve a purpose or are they just eye candy? I know you can fortify buildings and stuff but can you build these or are they already on the landscape?

here is the screenshot: http://www.hardgame.net/zones/galeria/popup.php?foto=/estrategia/imperial_glory/pc/10.jpg

24th Feb 2005, 01:19
I hope that forts are included as "buildings". As we all know, forts were a big part of warfare.

Maybe the way you built things in M:TW might work.

But we don't know if building is possible.

27th Feb 2005, 09:58
maybe you need to capture a fort to capture a province???????

that is if there is a fort in that area, so for extra defence you can build forts i guess,

well the construction tree has not been discussed, guess at least we'll get info on that soon............