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23rd Feb 2005, 22:21
Hi Folks,
The Project Snowblind Stats site is up and running! Go there to see how you're doing, as well as to receive neat online-gaming-community oriented news tidbits from yours truly.


See ya around online!

25th Feb 2005, 01:19
Are there any plans to bring the Xbox LIVE stats to the internet?

28th Feb 2005, 07:30
Let me first say that I think this is a great game and the fact that the stats are accessible online is even better. Unfortunately, there are a couple of very annoying things about the stats page for me.

Firstly, when you are viewing all of the players statistics, if you're ranked past the first fifteen you have to keep hitting the "next" button to find out where you are. It would be nice to be able to jump to different pages just like when you use a search engine or something and you want to jump to say, the 10th page of results without having to click through the first nine. Sure, you wouldn't know exactly what page to jump to but it would make things much easier.

Secondly, it would be great if when you entered a name in the search field (or viewing a player's stats anywhere) it told you what rank they are when it returned the results. Instead, it has the number 1 next to it since it's the only one in the list (provided you entered an exact name and weren't just searching, but still if it returned 5 results, they would be numbered 1-5) Let's say two friends are competing with each other and they're both ranked somewhere in the 1000's. Each time, to check their rank, they'd have to do a lot of clicking on the "next" button to see who's winning (1000/15 per page=66 clicks) If only each time a player is displayed, their overall rank is also displayed, they could just hit their "friends" button and it would be right there. Or if when you check your own stats out, it displayed the overall rank somewhere

Last time I checked, I think I was ranked somewhere in the eighties. I know I'm not the world's best player, but it's still very annoying that I have to continuosly click the "next" button to check up on it. I feel even worse for those who are just starting to play online and they're all the way at the end.

It would be great to see if these annoyances can be fixed. If there's going to be a ranking system, it shouldn't be so difficult to see what you're ranked. I'm not a web designer, but it doesn't seem to be that much of a daunting task to change.

A reply would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

2nd Mar 2005, 00:34
I like the idea of the rankings board and all, but I gotta say, i don't like how it's done. This was brought up in one of the other threads, but I figure it might get a little more attention here. I have a few specific things about the rankings that I don't think are really right or fair.

1) Games can be played where the teams are grossly uneven. I was in a T-DM where a few people dropped out after a round, and all of a sudden the game was 8 on 3. Needless to say, I got killed a bunch, lost the round, and my rank went down. I don't think it's fair that games like that would count towards my ranking.

2) Alot of times, when people drop out of a game, making teams uneven, players from the other team will not change to make the teams even. Is there any way that you could change the online game so it perhaps stops until the teams are even, or perhaps forces players to the other team? Because like I said, it's not fair that my rankings should go down because I'm grossly outnumbered and have no chance to win.

3) People will switch teams to the winning time mid-match to gaurentee a win for themselves. Mid match team switching just shouldn't be allowed, just like a game shouldn't be played unless teams are even.

This last thing is just a question. In the staging/pause menu, where it shows your kills/deaths, there's 3 numbers. The first one is kills, and the last is deaths, but what is the middle number. it's usually equivalent to my kills, but sometimes not. i can't figure it out.

I'm not really sure if these things can be fixed, and really it's not a huge deal i guess, but it's just how I feel about it. Either way, it's a great game, and I enjoy playing.

2nd Mar 2005, 01:42
the 3 columns are... [Kills minus OwnDeath] then [Kills] then ofcourse [death]

2nd Mar 2005, 03:54
you're wrong khabz, the columns are as follows:

the first one is what i'll call "points", this is because it's not only based on kills. you get extra points for things like scoring in a CTF game, or Scoring in a demolition game. so you could have more "points" than kills. this is also where your suicides show up, you lose a "point" for a suicide. so you could have less "points" than kills. the reason the first two columns are often the same is because kills are worth one point, so provided you don't kill yourself it will be the same (in a regular or team deathmatch, since there's no flag scores or anything worth more than a point)

the second column is straight up kills, regardless of what else happens, this number can only go up (since a suicide is reflected in "points" not kills)

the last column is straight up deaths, i think that explains itself

Example: i once had a CTF game where i had 15 kills, 2 flag scores, and 8 deaths so my 3 columns looked like this----21,15,8

the 21 "points" were for my 15 kills(1 point each) plus my 2 flag scores (3 points each) so it's 15+6 for 21

hope that clears it up

2nd Mar 2005, 06:58
hehe. true i guess. i havent played ctf yet so i quess your more accurate.

14th Mar 2005, 04:49
I want to say the same thing mowbs said in his first post here. It's frustrating to have to click next until you find who you want on the ranking page. I think the rank should be included with the statistics. It would be a great convenience. If it's not too much trouble, can you please make this happen, mike g?

16th Mar 2005, 23:36
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8th Jun 2005, 16:49
I am not afraid of being down to 3 on my team against 8. It just means less to kill for the other team, and more for me. :D .

Seriously, it makes it easier to mine and frag everybody when you are outnumbered, since they will most likely go in a group of 2-3, or maybe more.

26th Jun 2005, 18:20
I want to say the same thing mowbs said in his first post here. It's frustrating to have to click next until you find who you want on the ranking page. I think the rank should be included with the statistics. It would be a great convenience. If it's not too much trouble, can you please make this happen, mike g?

once you click nexy one time you can jump heres how:

in the address bar there will be a number usually 15 it reflects the rank. just change the number and it jumps to it. Hope that helps :)