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23rd Feb 2005, 16:22
Just wanted to reiterate the weekly schedule...here it is again, all times Eastern Standard Time:

Updated 4-20-05: Thursday & Late Friday Events Eliminated

Wednesdays 9 PM EST, Host = SDon1969, Style = Racing & K-ze
Fridays 8 PM EST, Host = Cyberwrat, Style = Various/Elimination
Sundays 9 PM EST, Host = Mix Master Ice, Style = Racing & K-ze


23rd Feb 2005, 18:11
This should be made sticky.

5th May 2005, 22:16
Update: Change in Friday nights.

7pm CST with your host Nathan77.
All sorts of events will be held.

This first one May 5th, 2005 will be an elimination.
If we get a full room then here is how the elimination will work.
10 lap Races on undisclosed tracks. For the first race, the last SIX compact cars will be eliminated and they will have to switch to Muscle. This means your shot at winning is OVER, so feel free to get revenge on ANY other car on the track by any means fit.

1st Race: 6 kill spots
2nd Race: 4 kill spots
3rd Race: 2 kill spots
4th Race: 1 kill spot
5th Race: Final 3 duke it out for the podium spots.

Quick, dirty, and most likely ugly. I will also be ending races early if the kill spots have been filled.

After that, I'm thinking 2-3 twenty lap races depending on the time. I figure both of these events will take a little over an hour if all goes well.