View Full Version : Forbidden Library - Please Help!

23rd Feb 2005, 10:05
Hi all
Please can someone give me a hand here. I have just returned to the keeper library with the Compendium of Reproach & the Glyph & now the next thing i have to do is "Visit the Forbidden Library to hear Caduca read from the Compendium of Reproach" & i have no idea where this "Forbidden Library" is supposed to be! I have been stuck for days, please can someone help me out! :confused:

Much appreciated...

23rd Feb 2005, 13:48
Go back to the Library in Stone Market Plaza.
On the bottom floor go through the rooms,Not the room with the sunken area
Go to room,which has some beds in it.
Near a bookcase.There is a pressure plate on the floor.Stand on it.It will open a hole in the wall,Which will take you to the Forbidden Library

You will go back there again! Be carefull too!!.
While you are there.Search the Forbidden Library!.There are other things there. :)