View Full Version : Note to tournament hosts (Cyber WRAT, S DON, spidermike)

21st Feb 2005, 21:04
We need to make a strong effort to keep things well organized for these tournaments. I've noticed things are starting to get a little unorganized with respect to posting tournament formats and results. This is monday and there have yet to be results postd by spidermike or cyber WRAT for their Friday tournaments. If somebody is guest-hosting, then you need to get it straight with the guest host as to who will be posting the results and get it done in a timely manner.

There also needs to be a post made for each tournament at least a couple of days in advance giving the particulars of that series. Tracks, cars allowed, time and date of series, guest host, etc. As hosts of these tournaments we have a responsibility to keep this together. When we start sluffing off, then this whole weekly series could come to a halt. Let's do our best to keep this game series as healthy as we possibly can.


22nd Feb 2005, 04:23
That's right! Tell em' Mix Master Ice. Where's my 4th place!!?!?!?
I would like to throw my name into the possible guest host hat. Tonight I had 12 or so folks and after quite a few matches noone had the evil Loading screen freeze happen to them.
Then I had the itching to play a lesser system and was disappointed when I got nowhere. I felt bad for leaving everyone just when it was getting fun. Never again! I apologize. Serves me right, when I logged back online very few were playing CnB.

22nd Feb 2005, 18:00
Yes, Nathan, you killed the party! Just kidding, I wanted to watch my "Saw" DVD anyway (it was pretty good!).

Hosting did go fine for you - at least no one dropped and there was no sign of lag (except for Mast Abeam, who always is jittery for me - and hard to pass!).

Might I suggest you host a Saturday Night Tourney? That is one hole in the weekend where there are no tournaments - maybe the hypothesis is that people "with a life" go out on Saturday night, but I'm married so I have no real outside life!! Anyway, just a thought...


22nd Feb 2005, 19:56
Last week's tourney results haven't been posted on the website. Sorry. Been too sick until now. I'll be doing the update with all your results today. Thanks much.

22nd Feb 2005, 20:41
Saw certainly was a "different" kind of movie. I thought it was pretty good, as well.

If enough people support the Sunday series, then I am likely going to seek a replacement to host the Thursday night series. This past Sunday we had a full room, so it looks like the Sunday series may stick.