View Full Version : Thursday night Kamikaze series info. (2/24)

21st Feb 2005, 20:56
This Thursday we will be doing the usual 10 race kamikaze series. This series will be limited to trucks or sports cars, which should make it interesting. Here is the run-down

Thursday kamikaze series (2/24)
10 races
All races on X1 tracks, with every other race being in reverse direction
First 16 people in get to race

Banned players list:
Bighead 45212
Chris Dee

Here is the list of courses in order
1. Bronx X1
2. Las Vegas X1 R
3. SF X1
4. Miami X1 R
5. Redwood Forest X1
6. Grand Canyon X1 R
7. San Diego X1
8. Detroit X1 R
9. Los Angeles X1
10. Los Angeles X1 R

See ya Thursday