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21st Feb 2005, 17:46
hi everybody:
i'm writting in response to a thread, about such great game tds is, and that's right, when i was in a electronics store, big name by the way, looking for a game to purchase when i grabbed tds, so i've decided to try it and i've got to tell, it was a fine investment, besides the freezing up problems that i've been experiencing lately i truly hope to get the next tds or whatever they gonna call it, and i gotta say that i really envy those who played others thief games, (i'm on xbox), 'cause i'm not satisfied with the game's end, there's gotta continue or something like that, theso who finished the game know what i'm talking about, thanx for everything, meanwhile i'm gonna keep on playing it.

p.d.: talking about hiden places, have ever anyone found the architect's cradle map?. :)

21st Feb 2005, 18:33
Go ask the Zombies in FORT IRONWOOD about the map. :D