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21st Feb 2005, 12:13
I posted a while back asking if the Xbox version of Thief was worth getting. I bought it and can report back that it is. I enjoyed the game immensely and found that it had many memorable moments like the first two installments of the Thief series. I found that it stayed true enough to the overall atmosphere of the originals. The game did have some shortcomings like fairly myopic AI and small levels. But each game has had shortcomings. Somehow though I still found myself drawn back to the game, interested in finding out what was going to come next. If I was not playing it, I found I was thinking about how I had approached the level and planning my strategy for the next..depending on where I had stopped for the evening. And the game was not short. So all in all, a great game and a fun experience. Thanks to all of you who recommended it.