View Full Version : Sunday night series results (2/20)

21st Feb 2005, 05:05
This was our first attempt at a Sunday series and we had a good turn out. A lot of the usual suspects surfaced and a few tempers were lit by some hot action. TrickyMad Dog ran his truck almost as well as he runs his mouth to edge BML for 2nd place. Here is a run-down of the final point standings......

1. MIX_MASTER_ICE> 154 (my lucky streak continues)
2. TrickyMad Dog> 147 (does this guy ever shut up?)
3. BML 41> 145
4. SDON 1969> 130 (tough night for Mr. suck my wake)
5. FTR jdskater> 129
6. ARMAGEDDON64> 116 (nice racing by our night owl in the U.K.)
7. tizertwo> 93
8. Jackitup777> 83
8. Talyn1> 83
10. Mirage 24062> 71
11. TopGameTN> 67
12. Mast Abeam> 56
13. Nathan77> 53 (late arrival)
14. E Nice Geo> 38 (does this guy ever speak?)
15. Johnny Mac> 27 (what are you doing sitting in the road?) just joking..lol
16. Bighead 45212> 28 (BANNED from all future Thursday & Sunday events)
17. Killer Reid> 12 (left early)
18. EDGARDO 27 (late arrival)
19. TheDeadJester> 0 (left VERY early)

This went over pretty well, so I will do this again next Sunday (2/27) at the usual time, 8PM CST. I will post the race format in a few days. See you Thursday and remember to keep the rubber on the asphalt.