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20th Feb 2005, 05:06
Hey, IGN released their review of Project Snowblind! It got 8.8, and the review was very positive about the game. It says AI is good, the shooting is really fun. The pacing is perfect also. They said it's a must-buy for shooter fans!


20th Feb 2005, 11:58
Sounds good. Came across another review as well though the full article (http://www.gamer.nl/viewdoc/1596/1) is in Dutch I translated the conclusion:

Project Snowblind has become a very decent shooter that belongs to the best on the PS2 in the genre. On the PC and Xbox the game has more competition, but that doesn't make the game any less. The urge to keep playing was there all the time, especially because of the many weapons, gadgets and varying gameplay. Unfortunately the potential of the game is not
optimaly used. The cause of this is the somewhat low difficulty, which doesn't force you to use all the possibilities of your weapons, gadgets and game environment to it's full potential. This is a shame because, despite this flaw Project Snowblind isn't far from a real top game.

Gameplay: 8,5
Graphics: 9,0
Sound: 8,5
Total: 8,6


20th Feb 2005, 20:06
Cool, good review. Also I was just wondering if there is going to be option of changing the difficulty in the game? If there is, can you only pick in the beginning, or can you pick a diffrent difficulty in the beginning for every level, or change the difficulty anytime?

20th Feb 2005, 20:26
I Hope Its Good, Although Ui Usually Dont Trust Critics :)

23rd Feb 2005, 06:42
There's another review from gamespy! 4 stars out of 5!

"Project: Snowblind is a rare breed of FPS these days, as it's both high in quality and uniqueness."

23rd Feb 2005, 07:43
Gamespy link. ;) http://ps2.gamespy.com/playstation-2/snowblind/589777p1.html

23rd Feb 2005, 23:55
im just waitin for the gamespot review. ususally gamespot and igm have close to the same scores so im expectn it to be in the 8's. if so IM GETTIN I ON FRIDAY!!!!

25th Feb 2005, 07:56
Do not let those places fool you. There should be a difference between Console and PC performance. Remember that PS2 is a complete console, X-box is an almost obsolete PC and PC itself can have different levels of power and technology.

Once the PC version is released, we can see what kind of review that will get.

Remember that more PC gamers play First Person Shooter, while console gamers stick to action and roleplaying games. To me it is the PC review that counts the most.

25th Feb 2005, 18:59
Yeah, what he said.