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18th Feb 2005, 11:04
In the FAQ it says you'll be able to control individual men... Does that mean there won't be a "unit" structure like in R:TW? Seems like an awful lot of men to try and control each one individually...

18th Feb 2005, 16:03
... While not speaking with any authority what so ever, I would say that you still control 'individual men' in a unit structure. I don't think at least from the trailers that every soldier is controlled.

19th Feb 2005, 02:24
I personally don't see a point in controlling individual men.

22nd Feb 2005, 15:24
Imagine trying to get your squad into the square formation, to protect you against the cav that is charging at you...and you have to control individual men..??? Oh that's just messy...very messy

23rd Feb 2005, 22:04
i could imagine the individual control would be like most of the earlier strategy games, you can control the individual, click and drag and control a number or choose a pre assigned group(like that of the total war series) and control them, ive never played Rome TW but i know in Medieval TW you end up with useless men in units to the sides, but if you could turn them in and flank a smaller enemy unit that would be helpful.

Controlling individual units also makes it easier to defend liked commanders.

But since you can control some individuals, does this mean that each person is seperate from his unit so they would advance at different rate then others???