View Full Version : I still having the same problem

evil Garrett
16th Feb 2005, 21:51
A time before I've noticed that when I play my FM through Dark loader my human archetypes are staying on one place without moving with hands up.
I asked in the forum for help and someone told me to update my Thief2 into v1.18. Well I've done this but the problem still exist. The most strange thing is that when i play my FM in dromed game mode everything is fine, you know the guards and other human archetypes are moving properly on their patrol points.
Please help, that's my first serious FM and it's almost done, but now that problem... arrrrrrrrrr... :mad: :confused:

BTW, this is my first entering in the forum since months and I'm surprised of this new interface, it's cool. :)

16th Feb 2005, 22:41
You need to update Dromed as well. Get the latest version at the Circle. That will solve your problems.