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the one true thief
16th Feb 2005, 09:40
hi, having a bit bit of a preoblem with dromed (well,not so much a problem but its annoying).

ok, now when im in the middle of desinging a level sometimes i get a 'send' - 'dont send' message (you no what im on about :D ) well, i dont know how to save so i always lose my level data :mad: .

could somebody plz help?

much appreciated

the one true thief
16th Feb 2005, 11:01
hi, what save should i use if i am running dromed? i am in the middle of making a level and would like to know whether to use the 'save cow' - 'save gamesys' or use 'save mission'?

could somebody help?

John D.
16th Feb 2005, 12:50
send?/dont send? I'm not sure what you mean, but I click on 'File' and 'save misson' to save my levels.

the one true thief
16th Feb 2005, 13:06
you know the dreaded send/dont send report :D

well, i figured out how to save, i use the cow. file (i hope) it works so far

Ian Flaer
16th Feb 2005, 13:13
this is not the best forum for your question but I will try based on my limited knowledge. if you have just started building the physical area and don't have any coding done, like objectives, or scripts for varius functions you can go ahead and save as a .cow if you are nearly complete you want to save as mission. the gamsys is for custom game systems like. . . ummm new weapons and some other funky stuff I've never messed with. no offense but if you are not sure how to save what you've built then you probably don't need more than a .cow but I guess you could go ahead and save as a mission if you want. now please, take all this with a grain of salt, I haven't built a level in a LONG time and I wasn't all that good at it then.

16th Feb 2005, 18:32
Oh, error reporting.
You can turn it off if you want by going to Start > Run
type: msconfig
select 'Services'
If it isn't already, uncheck the 'Hide all Microsoft Services' box
Find 'Error Reporting Service'
Uncheck it.
You may need to restart.

As for saving in Dromed:
You should save as a .mis in you haven't made any deliberate changes to the Ojbect Heirarchy, or the Texture, Metaproperty or Act/React trees.
A .gam stores the Object Heirarchy etc.

A .cow is a combination of the .mis and .gam files

16th Feb 2005, 18:39
Part 1, section 4:

16th Feb 2005, 21:08
One true thief...

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No sense in activating it if you don't see them to read.

the one true thief
16th Feb 2005, 21:26
ok sorry TBM :o